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Adsum is located at Valcartier Garrison, a few kilometres north of Quebec City. Our advertising services provide you with more than one way to capture a niche market made up of households where at least one member is employed: the military community in the Greater Quebec City and the Quebec Eastern areas.

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 Canadian Forces Newspapers
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Adsum Newspaper

Make your advertising offensive a winner

Would you like to reach the military community of Valcartier Garrison in the Greater Quebec City area? Your best ally is Adsum, the only newspaper in our region tailored to military personnel, their families and civilian employees of the Department of National Defence.

Adsum is distributed free within the territory of Valcartier Garrison, in addition to being distributed to all military-related institutions in the Greater Quebec City area.

Size: tabloid
Publication: Every other Wednesday
22 issues a year
Circulation: 5,500* copies

* When Valcartier troops deploy, our circulation increases in order to send copies of our newspaper to their families.



Space booking Tuesday 4:00 pm, 8 days before publication
Advertising materials Thursday 4:00 pm before publication

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Web advertising

Gain a strong foothold in your business area

Gain a little more ground in the battle for visibility by booking your ad space on this Web site.

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Military Community Guidebook

To gain ground

Plant your flag in the spotlight in the only complete publication to be distributed to new arrivals and to the military community in the Greater Quebec City area. This full-colour publication, in a practical size, is chock-full of useful information.

Publication: May - June of each year
Deadline: March 30 before publication
Size: 8.5 x 11
Printing: Full colour
Quantity: 6500 copies

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Canadian Forces Newspapers

To continue your conquest

You can extend your influence to the 70,000 military members and DND employees and their families.

There are 16 Canadian Forces Newspapers (CFN) published on bases and wings across Canada, representing the three CF environments: Army, Airforce and Navy. CF base newspapers have a circulation of over 81,000, reaching 16 military bases in eight provinces and 24 Naval Reserve divisions across the country.

Expand your scope across the country from your point of contact in Adsum.

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Graphics standards

Adsum offers computer graphics services to its local advertisers free of charge.

Adsum Newspaper

Size: tabloid 22.75 in. x 15 in. (open)
Printing: Lithograph (offset)
Colour: Half-tone (greyscale) and four-colour process (CMYK)
Column height: 200 agate lines
Number of columns per page: 8
Full page: 1,600 agate lines
Screen ruling: 85 lines to the inch

Column width
Columns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Picas 7p 14p10 22p8 30p6 38p5 46p3 54p2 62p
Inches 1.17 2.47 3.78 5.08 6.40 7.71 9.00 10.33

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Military Community Guidebook

Size: 8.5 in x 10.875 in
Printing: Lithograph (offset)
Colour: Four-colour process (CMYK)
Screen ruling: 150 lines to the inch

Available sizes:

  • 1 page: 7.5 x 10.875
  • ½ page horizontal: 7.5 x 4.812
  • ½ page vertical: 3.625 x 9.875
  • ¼ page vertical: 3.625 x 4.812
  • ¼ page horizontal: 7.5 x 2.375
  • Business card: 3.625 x 2.375

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Web advertising

Banner file type : JPG ou GIF
Colour : RGB
Sizes :

  • Width : 140 pixels
  • Length : 300 pixels
Filesize : 30kb max

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Canadian Forces Newspapers

Varies depending on the paper - get information from your point of contact in Adsum
Printing: Lithograph (offset)
Colour: Half-tone (greyscale) and four-colour process (CMYK)
Screen ruling: 85 lines to the inch

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Camera-ready ad:

Ads must be built to the appropriate size of the space booked. The following file types are accepted:

  • PDF - fonts must be embedded
  • Illustrator – text must be converted to contour mode, all illustrations must be embedded
  • TIFF or JPEG – must be sized for printing at 300 dpi
  • PhotoShop PSD – must include font suitcases, including Postscript fonts and all illustrations
  • Quark, version 6.0 – must include font suitcases, including Postscript fonts and all illustrations

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Demographic data

Greater Quebec City area
Military members 5,917
Civilian personnel 1,362
Family members 9,214
Total payroll 340 millions $
Across the Canadian Forces
Percentage of married members 63 %
Average number of children 2.5
Average member income $55,000
Average Canadian income $35,714
Number of paid vacation days 25
Military market – across Canada
Regular Force 63,000
Reserve Force 23,000
DND civilian employees 21,786
Spouses of military members 37,170
Dependants of military members 130,095
Retired military and families 250,668
Total 514,719